Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2011 Christmas Time and the Season of Concerts

Our family loves the Christmas season. Especially all the concerts our children are involved in every year.
Cozette still plays the violin and of course gets better and better with her instrument every year.
Kaylynn is in her third year of violin and I think is appreciating the instruction and knowledge gained with her instrument especially as a junior high student. Cameron is in his sixth grade year at school and decided would like to learn to play the drums.

Kaylynn is also enjoying seventh grade concert choir and show choir. Her recent holiday concert was held the same night as Cozette's holiday concert at Cottonwood. Todd attended Kaylynn's concert and I attended Cozette's. It was kind of funny that two schools had a concert on the same night for two of our children.

Family Vacation with Extended Martin Family Members

In October 2012, we enjoyed a trip with extended Martin family members.  We went on a Carnival Cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.  We had an enjoyable time.  The family caravan and spent the day around Snow Canyon Park and then the night at my parents home in St George on Saturday.  Then we awoke and continued our drive to Long Beach, California on Sunday for our cruise departure on Monday.

Here are some fun memories from Snow Canyon with the family.

Some memories from the beach...around Long Beach area in California.

And last but not least cruise memories.

LDS General Conference

The Church of Jesus Christ holds General Conference twice a year, April and October.  Two of my children were asked to participate in conference as part of a youth choir formed from stakes in our Region.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our children and probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.



Hiking as a family around Donut Falls

Our family loves to hike so we took Tanja up Big Cottonwood Canyon hiking.  I love that we have mountains and can enjoy nature in about a 15 minute drive from home.




Up at Donut Falls

I love this family picture with Tanja, it captures her beautiful smile and shows that she is still a little timid and shy about being here in America.

During this hiking trip we would say hi to many people along the trail as well as on our way back to the car. It was fun to Tanja to learn that American's are very friendly.
In Germany you don't talk to people, especially strangers, while you are out and about.  The only time you do this would be to ask for directions or something along those lines.

We drove further up the canyon and walked around Silver Lake.


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