Friday, April 4, 2008

My New York Trip Jan 2008

Christmas Thoughts 2007

We love Christmas. Christmas is a time for traditions and being with family. This year was no exception. On Christmas eve we have a family tradition of scripture reading of Christ's birth and before the kids hop in bed they open one present from mom and dad. The present they open is new pajamas. The kids love this as they have new pj's to wear to bed Christmas eve. For me they look great for Christmas morning

Todd and I have always had luck with visiting extended family on Christmas. His family has the Christmas morning breakfast (rotated among mom and the daughters) and my parents would have Christmas dinner. This year was a little different. It was our turn to host Christmas breakfast. Todd and I started cooking about 6am bacon, sausage, funeral potatoes, eggs, and pancakes. Mom made sausage casserole. Linda brought over some pastries and bread. Sharon brought orange juice, and Delene brought me a beautiful white poinsettia (which is still alive in my bathroom next to our garden tub), I do have a bit of a green thumb with plants. We extended the invitation to my side of the family and Cory, Amanda and their son Niklaus came to breakfast.

I am very thankful for my family as well as Todd's family. We are blessed! I love that we all get along and enjoy one anothers company.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas. Enjoy!

Christmas 2007 slideshow

Kierstie's Birthday

Kierstie had her birthday and turned 14 on December 19. Her party was with her girlfriends. They had pizza, played games, and watched movies. Here are just pics of her and her friends during the pizza eating and opening some presents.
She received Bear from Kathy. Perfume and a shirt from Niki. Pajamas from Alexis. Slippers and socks from Jayme and Jodi.

We are back...

Sorry we haven't been blogging for awhile. We now have our internet back so hopefully you will see more posts from us. We have had different things happen since the holiday posts.

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